• Continue to support people as their needs change



At Hamilton House our aim is to deliver effective rehabilitation and recovery. Our support service address, very directly, people with severe mental illness and complex needs who are high users of services. These people have a range of psychosocial difficulties, including significant drug and alcohol misuse, comorbid personality disorder, forensic history, and are characteristically treatment avoiders, or because support cannot be adequately provided in a supported living service.


We have a strong track record of working in partnership with Community Mental Health Teams, Forensic Services and The Assertive Outreach Team.





We focus on ongoing assessment, medication, engagement, supporting the individual in managing their behaviour and re-engaging with the community. We will continue to support individuals as their needs change, working with them to gain or regain the skills and confidence to achieve their own goals, such as living in their own flat, accessing employment





Our aim is to provide a pathway from various services including

acute and forensic services, we can also assist in supporting individuals from an unsuccessful community placement.

The starting point of an admission is an assessment of a persons needs, including their views and wishes, and then the development of a support plan to meet those needs as far as possible.

The individual programme will usually involve the development of needed and wished-for-skills, for example cooking or budgeting.

A support plan will be formulated, this will be aimed at slow reintroduction to social environments, learning environments, family, friends and community support, as well as promoting the individuals coping skills and recovery. It may also involve mental health day centres and other public facilities and agencies.

The will be to widen the individuals own social networks and gradually reduce dependence on the staff team.





We will foster self-esteem, confidence, emotional literacy, optimism for the future and all the other factors which enhance a persons self-image and equip them with the courage to callenge themselves.

  • Provide a service that is durable and sustainable


  • Provide a place of safety