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Hamilton House staff helped me gain the confidence to live independently.

I now have a job in IT and no longer require support from services.


When I first moved to Hamilton House I lacked motivation and had no self confidence.  I now do voluntary work.  I attend a day centre where I peer mentor for other service users with ongoing Mental Health issues.

Following a serious head injury I lived in various Residential Care Homes.  I was told I would not improve,   I could not go out on my own and was unable to attend to my own personal care with out assistance. I moved to Hamilton House, there I worked with support staff and gained confidence with them, I was able to take positive risks. After 6 months with Hamilton House support I moved into my own flat, retaining their support. I can now go out to the local shop on my own, and live more independently. I know I have a long way to go but without HCH support  I may not be where I am today.


    Think Positive

          Stay Positive

               Live Positive


    Image by Priscilla Du Preez



    The Step to Your Independence